Here’s a little instruction on how to sign up and Watch Live TV Online on HD TV Live Stream

  1. If you see a login box like below image, then right click on register and click Open Link in a New Tab.

2. Now Choose your favorite package and hit Register

3. Now Fill up your details and go ahead

4. In bottom, Chose your desired payment method and hit register

5. After successful registration, you will be redirected my account page

6. Now avoid this page and navigate to the previous tab (page)

7. Now reload (press F5 to reload) the page and enjoy streaming!

Note: If you paid with Stripe (Card), then please wait about 5 minutes to watch the stream, in the meantime, you will still see the login page. If you continue to see the login page after 5 minutes, then Contact us or call us: +8801516162660