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British Muslim TV (BMTV)

by adminpublished on February 15, 2020

British Muslim TV was conceptualised towards the end of 2013 and underwent planning from the start of 2014, having quickly established substantial “pre-sold advertising” to make the concept into a reality, according to Wasim Akhtar, Director of Marketing and Communications. Other members of the senior leadership team include Aamer Naeem, the Editor in Chief, Arshad Ashraf, Director and Danny Lacey, Creative Director of the channel.[1][2][3][4] The main funders are Adeem Younis the founder of and his charity Penny Appeal.[5]

Upon launching the channel Wasim Akhtar, explained that British Muslim TV aims to be different from the other Muslim based channels in the UK by being: “inclusive of all different views and open to all different types of Muslims. So the channel isn’t just about issues of faith, it’s about practical Muslim life here in Britain.” He added: “We’re really passionate about bringing content that’s relative to the generations of today, so we made sure that our programming isn’t solely made up from presenters or content from overseas. As a result, we feel we will provide both Muslim and non-Muslim communities with news, views and insights into how British Muslims live today.”