HD TV Live Stream is a website where people can watch 3500+ Live TV Channels Online including News, Sports, etc channels.
Today I will show you how to do affiliate on HD TV Live Stream.
Okay, first of all, let’s know why HD TV Live Stream?

HD TV Live Stream pays up to 80% commission per each sale. And the interesting thing is that all of them are recurring. If you are an affiliate marketer, then you should know about
the recurring payments. Requiring means if you made 1 sale, you will continue getting money every month / every year or even every 3 days. I will explain more about requiring payments later.

Let me explain, they have 3 level affiliate system.
When you sign up on HD TV Live Stream for the first time as an affiliate, you will achieve level 1, and you will get 70% commission per each sale,
and when you earn 1000$, then you will be promoted to level 2 affiliate. In level 2, you will earn 75% per each sale.
And once you made 3000$, you will be promoted to level 3 affiliate. In level 3, you will get 80% commission per each sale.

HD TV Live Stream is a membership system site. People need to sign up to watch live channels.
Sale on HD TV Live Stream is to refer a user and bring him to HD TV Live Stream. Once they sign up, you made a sale. They have 3
membership plan, 3 days trial for 3 USD, 1 Month subscription for 14 USD and 1-year subscription for 39 USD.
So if you refer a user and he/she sign up with any of this plan, you got 1 refferal=1 sale. And the most interesting fact is that all of
these sales are recurring. For example, you signed up as an affiliate on HD TV Live Stream and refer a user to HD TV, and your user
signs up for 3 days trial with 3 USD, then you will get 70% of that sale which means 2.10 USD instantly. This package was for 3 days.
So after 3 days, your user will be charged 3$ again and you will get 50% of that. So you made 70% for your first sale and you will be getting
50% every 3 days, 1 month or every year.
So pretty interesting, isn’t it? yeah, it is.